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A Study on 300,000 Listings Reveals What Words US Agents Use the Most

“Your dream home,” “gleaming hardwood floors,” “soaking tub” or maybe “Sub Zero” and “wall of windows”— are you using the most powerful word combination to make your property stand out?

Our analysis shows that the “tried and tested” phrases like “beautiful,” “spacious” or “must-see” are still commonly used by US agents nationwide when advertising their listings. Nevertheless, judging by how high they ranked in our list of the most frequently used real estate listing words in 2012, certain keywords referring to desirable home attributes or upgrades seem to carry a special weight with people who look for a home.

Do you already have a special, ka-ching! combination of words for advertising a home? If you’re still looking to develop one, the findings below might prove to be just what you need.

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