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Wondering where the most expensive listings in Queens are and what they offer? Head on over to Northeast Queens to neighborhoods such as Douglaston or Malba and check them out. Or scroll down to see the top nine we’ve chased down for you.

Although our list below is heavy on Colonial properties, it would be unfair to ignore the diverse architecture that’s characteristic for the area. Other features of this part of New York? A small town feel with quiet, tree-lined streets, low crime rates, good schools and hundreds of acres of parkland complete with fishing lakes. But it’s not all hushed voices in Northeastern Queens. The commercial strips of Northern and Bell boulevards offer plenty of shopping and entertainment, while downtown Flushing remains the fourth largest central business district in New York City.

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Despite known flooding risks, the waterfront is still the number-one hotspot for people wanting to find a home in Queens.

The Rockaways, Malba and Whitestone have seen several oceanfront homes change hands in 2012 for respectable, even record-breaking, prices. It’s true they don’t come even close to prices paid for the most expensive homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn or even the Bronx, but for the borough, a transaction going above $5 million is something to boast about.

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