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Ah, The Hamptons! Luxury living, pristine beaches and fabulous summer escapes. The playground of the rich and famous has been a constant hot ticket in the real estate biz, and it looks like things are heating up even more. 2013 has proven to be the best year for the Hamptons real estate since the recession hit. Even better, year-over-year home sales went up 24 percent in the $10 million plus category, says Town and Country. With the crème de la crème of high-end real estate picking up in sales, we tracked down the five most expensive properties on the market in the coveted Hamptons.

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Wondering where the most expensive listings in Queens are and what they offer? Head on over to Northeast Queens to neighborhoods such as Douglaston or Malba and check them out. Or scroll down to see the top nine we’ve chased down for you.

Although our list below is heavy on Colonial properties, it would be unfair to ignore the diverse architecture that’s characteristic for the area. Other features of this part of New York? A small town feel with quiet, tree-lined streets, low crime rates, good schools and hundreds of acres of parkland complete with fishing lakes. But it’s not all hushed voices in Northeastern Queens. The commercial strips of Northern and Bell boulevards offer plenty of shopping and entertainment, while downtown Flushing remains the fourth largest central business district in New York City.

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Seven figure real estate in the Bronx? Until recently, this combination of words might have made many people raise their eyebrows in disbelief. But times and finances are changing and with them, people’s choices, too.

And in fact, architecture fit for European nobility, Hudson River views, turrets and koi ponds can definitely change people’s minds anywhere. Add to this above the national average consumer spending, a highly educated population, a bevy of school options ranging from public to private and religious as well as two colleges and a bevy of public parks, such as Van Cortlandt Park — New York’s third largest — and you can form an opinion about what can make homes in neighborhoods such as Riverdale and Fieldstone so swoon-worthy.

So in case you’ve ever wondered what seven figures could get you realty-wise in the Bronx, look no further, because we’ve got the top five most expensive home sales right here.

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How much can a city’s landscape change during times of economic recession? The expected answer would be … not too much, given the all-too-well-known cuts in funding and the stall in existing construction activity. Nevertheless, as with many other things, New York City breaks the rule once more.

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A neighborhood’s schools, restaurants, and crime rate are all important things people take into account when looking to buy a home. But there may be another factor that can convince people to pay the asking price faster — brands like Whole Foods!

An analysis we ran on median home asking prices in 3 major cities — NYC, Chicago, IL and Portland, OR — reveals that whether you choose to live in Whole Foods, Target, or No-Frills land, you should expect to find significant differences in home asking prices. In NYC alone, median home prices in neighborhoods where there’s a Whole Foods store are almost 3 times higher than in areas where there’s just a Target or a local grocery store. In Chicago, the difference can be up to 6 times!

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More than 2.5 million wealthy people in the US currently own homes that are worth $1 million or above, our data shows. The number comes close to the entire population of Jamaica and is about 10 times more the number of property millionaires in the UK!

California is #1 State

Judging from the number of homes currently valued at $1 million and over, California and New York boast the biggest number of property millionaires in the US. There are currently around 800,000 multimillion-dollar properties in California, which means that the state has been attracting almost one third of the number of millionaires nationwide. This is also twice the number of property millionaires living in New York.

Check out the map below for the top 10 US states by number of millionaires:

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If you think it’s hard to find a home in Manhattan due to the shortage in inventory, just imagine how pet-owners might feel. Many apartment buildings have gotten more strict about their pet policies, making it increasingly difficult for owners of pets of a certain size, breed and, of course, number to find a welcoming home.

In case you’ve been out and about Manhattan for a while now, trying to find an apartment for you and your pet, this post may help you decide where to start your search.

Our analysts have looked at listing descriptions and city property records and compiled lists with top-10 neighborhoods, streets and buildings where you can find a place that allows pets.

So, where exactly can you start?

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For those looking to buy a home in Manhattan, the market seems to be currently sending some rather discouraging signals. The rapidly shrinking inventory has paired up with a jump in home prices, which buyers are now more reluctant to pay.

But don’t lose hope, call a contractor and equip yourself with a saw and drill, as there might be an alternative — homes in poor condition, a.k.a. “fixer-uppers,” or simply wrecks. And not just anywhere, but on the coveted Upper East Side! Point2Homes data, provided exclusively to Curbed NY, reveals that the majority of NYC homes for sale in this category are located on UES –14 in total.

According to an article in the New York Times, buyers’ interest in Manhattan homes that need repair work has grown considerably throughout 2012 and is expected to continue to do so. In case you’re wondering what the available inventory is right now, our analysts have crunched the numbers for you.

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McDonald’s popular meal may provide real estate professionals with some food . . . for thought.

Tracking the price variation of the iconic Big Mac across the globe may reveal that what several foreign real estate investors currently pay for a home in the US in their local currency is many times different than what it should cost them. We’ve compared 2013 to 2006 and the differences may surprise you!

Burgernomics and The Big Mac Index

The Big Mac index was introduced by The Economist in 1986 in order to show the volatility of currencies across the globe and, in turn, the (in)stability of national economies.

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A Study on 300,000 Listings Reveals What Words US Agents Use the Most

“Your dream home,” “gleaming hardwood floors,” “soaking tub” or maybe “Sub Zero” and “wall of windows”— are you using the most powerful word combination to make your property stand out?

Our analysis shows that the “tried and tested” phrases like “beautiful,” “spacious” or “must-see” are still commonly used by US agents nationwide when advertising their listings. Nevertheless, judging by how high they ranked in our list of the most frequently used real estate listing words in 2012, certain keywords referring to desirable home attributes or upgrades seem to carry a special weight with people who look for a home.

Do you already have a special, ka-ching! combination of words for advertising a home? If you’re still looking to develop one, the findings below might prove to be just what you need.

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