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  • What is Point2 Homes?
  • Point2 Homes is an online real estate marketplace that helps you find the right home or real estate investment. But we’re trying to go further than this, as we believe that finding a property and knowing the basics about it is in many cases not enough. Thus, our site gives you access to in-depth property information so that you can make the very best of decisions.

    The Report or the Full Report sign next to the property you’re interested in means that you’re a click away from unlocking pertinent information such as: size, year built, changes made to the property, if the property is in a hazard-prone area, its sales history, ownership information, and much more. And this doesn’t stop here: you can check out stats on neighborhood demographics and contact an agent of your choice from our list of real estate professionals who serve the area.

  • Do I have to pay to use Point2 Homes’s property search tools?
  • You can use most features of Point2 Homes’s property search tool free of charge.

    However, in order for you to access certain services, such as “Unlock 4 Free Reports”, you may be required to become a registered user.

    The only paid service on our site is the Property Data package. This is a great way of accessing in-depth information on one or more properties that interest you. Where available, the information includes size, year built, changes made to the property, if the property is in a hazard-prone area, its sales history, ownership information, and much more.

  • Where do the listings on Point2 Homes come from?
  • The listings come from brokers, agents, MLSes (Multiple Listing Services) and are updated daily.

  • Where does the property data on Point2 Homes come from?
  • The property data comes from hundreds of public and proprietary sources so that you can rely on accurate information in every search you conduct on Point2 Homes.

  • What is a Property Report?
  • The property report has the answer for most of your property-related questions which go beyond the general description. Many properties come with the option of accessing a Full Property Report, which displays in-depth information related to the property’s characteristics, owners, assessed value and tax, sales history, neighborhood demographics, and more.

  • How often is the information on Point2 Homes updated?
  • This depends on the type of data. Sales are updated monthly, building permits weekly and general property information is updated once every year.

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  • How can I be notified if there are new listings?
  • Once you create an account with us you can be sure we’ll be monitoring for you all the new listings that match your criteria. Once we have them, we’ll send you an email notification right away so that you can keep your searches up to date.

    One way to register for this service is by clicking on “Email me new listings” in the top right corner of every page.

  • I found a property I’m interested in. What do I do next?
  • Since we do not provide brokerage services, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for that property. You can find the contact information in the right side of the property description.

  • Can I buy a home on Point2 Homes?
  • We are not a brokerage company, so you cannot buy a home through our website. However, once you found one or more properties that interest you and you’re all set to take the next step, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for each property. You can also browse our agent directory and find a suitable broker to represent you.

  • Where can I find additional information about the property besides the listing details?
  • We’re glad you asked! You can have access to more property data than you’ve ever imagined by clicking on the Full Report tab displayed next to the property price. Every registered member is allowed to unlock 4 reports per lifetime for free. After you have used up this offer, you can purchase additional individual reports or sign up for a Property Data Package.

    You can, at any time, see a sample report for each county from the property mini report appearing when you do a map search.

  • How do I save the listings or properties I’m interested in?
  • You can save any listing by clicking the Save Listing button under the property’s photo. The listing will be kept only temporarily if you are not logged in. Once you log in, you can review and compare all your saved listings.

  • Does the map display all the searched listings?
  • In order to provide you with a clear, uncluttered visualization of your listings, the map displays only the properties appearing on the current page of your searches. Once you click on another page to see the next listings resulting from your searches, the map will automatically update.

  • Can I find demographics info on an area of interest?
  • All you need to know about a particular neighborhood comes in the form of demographics stats which you can easily check out under the Neighborhood tab. When clicking on the Neighborhood tab, you will be automatically directed to the region where you conducted your previous search. If you want to select another region, click on one of the options on the left-hand column.

  • Where can I go to see my saved listings/ properties?
  • You can find this information stored in My Account, otherwise, your saved listings or properties will be kept only temporarily.

    When you create an account, we start saving your listings so that you can review and compare them at any later time. Another advantage of becoming a registered member is that you can get updates with new listings that match your searches.

  • I already know the address or the #MLS of a property I’m interested in. How can I find more information on it on Point2 Homes?
  • Click on the “Looking for an exact address or listing” link on the Home page. You’ll be taken directly to the property you want, and if we have a report for it, you’ll see the Full Report Available sign next to the property address.

  • How can I compare more properties I’m interested in on Point2 Homes?
  • If you have more properties that interest you and would like to compare them quickly, all you have to do is check the Compare button next to the properties you select. Your results will be displayed in a new window and compared by price, property type, size, price per sqft., year built and more.