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Success Series Webinar with Terri Murphy & Mike White: Recap

Does your brokerage have a partnership with a mortgage lender in your area? If not, you could be losing valuable listings. If so, do you know how to reap the maximum benefits from your strategic partnership?

strategic partnership real estate webinarTerri Murphy and Mike White do! In our most recent Success Series webinar, these two industry leaders demonstrated the mutual advantages such a partnership can bring to both parties.

Did you know that, as a real estate professional, partnering with a lender will… ?

  • Establish you as a celebrity authority
  • Help you more successfully negotiate listing prices
  • Be a critical differentiation factor in your marketplace
  • And much more

Click here to watch the webinar recording now.

In addition to the expert professional advice they dished out, Terri and Mike also created several customizable documents that you can use to leverage the power of this dynamic relationship in your own business. There’s a sample letter from a loan originator to a prospective listing, a “help us pick your new neighbor” card (that turns the old “just listed” model on its head) and a pre-appointment package receipt form that will set your brokerage apart from all the rest. Click here to access these FREE webinar resources today.

Share these links with your chosen loan originator, and you two will be high fiving over closed deals in no time!

Extra Credit

The Point2 webinar fun doesn’t end when the recording finishes. Head on over to Point2 University to enroll for free in one or more of our great, educational courses. Course topics include proven marketing strategies, Point2 product tutorials and other key real estate industry skills. Proceed at your own pace and have fun!

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