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Success Series Webinar with Terri Murphy: Recap   Thursday’s webinar with real estate marketing aficionado Terri Murphy was a blast! People tuned in from all around the world …

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Success Series Webinar with Terri Murphy: Recap


generational marketingThursday’s webinar with real estate marketing aficionado Terri Murphy was a blast! People tuned in from all around the world to learn how to connect with the four generations in the real estate market today.

Couldn’t make the webinar? Want to watch it again (we know you do!)? Click here to view the recording.


terri marketing webinar
Three easy steps to engage every generation.


Learn how to make a connection across all generations. Terri teaches you to start with context, add relevance and find your voice to stimulate engagement. Whether you’re interacting with Civics, Baby Boomers, Gen X/Y or the Millennials, this formula will help you eliminate communication barriers and become the celebrity authority in your neighborhood.


Terri has great tips that will help you:

  • Create marketing that is tailored to your audience
  • Integrate your traditional marketing with your online marketing
  • Adapt your marketing based on the response rate of your prospects


Terri also takes the time to address social media. What are the various platforms? Why are social sites a good medium of communication for real estate agents? Discover why online social business is like word of mouth on steroids.

terri marketing webinar social
Social media marketing is free and effective – time is your only investment.


Extra Credit

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