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Today we’re going to highlight one of Point2 Agent’s most misunderstood features: Handshake. Handshake is exclusive to Point2 and allows you to increase the number of listings on …

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Point2 Agent HandshakeToday we’re going to highlight one of Point2 Agent’s most misunderstood features: Handshake. Handshake is exclusive to Point2 and allows you to increase the number of listings on your Point2 Agent website at no cost. It can be a little confusing at first (since there’s nothing else quite like it), but Handshake is a popular feature used by many of our most successful members. Once you understand how Handshake works, we’re sure you’re going to love it!

The Lowdown

Handshake is a feature integrated into the Online Office that allows you to display other Point2 member listings on your website while, at the same time, displaying your listings on other Point2 member sites. If you elect to Handshake with another agent in your selling area, his/her listings will appear integrated with your own listings and vice versa. You may choose exactly which listings are displayed on your site and which of your listings are displayed on others’ sites.

Who Benefits

The short answer: Everyone! It’s basically free, cooperative advertising.

The long answer: Both you and your fellow Point2 members benefit by having more listings to display on your websites. More listings equal more leads. Prospective buyers have more to look at when they visit your site.  And ultimately your sellers benefit, too, because their homes will be shared on multiple local real estate sites resulting in increased exposure. You might consider adding Handshake to your listing presentation for that very reason.

How To

To begin using Handshake, log in to your Online Office and select Handshake from the Community drop down at the top of the page. You can manage your Handshakes manually, adjust your Auto Approve/Block settings or choose to Bulk Approve/Block all Handshake requests.



How is Handshake different from IDX?
Handshake is a feature that is free with your Point2 Agent membership. Unlike IDX solutions that must be framed into your site, Handshake listings are integrated with your existing listings. While IDX displays and shares all MLS listings, Handshake displays and shares only those listings that you approve.

What happens if a prospect views only a Handshake listing on my site?
The same information is tracked whether a prospect views one of your listings or a Handshake listing on your site. All prospect activity is sent directly to your Point2 account.

Is my listing information safe?
Yes. Your listing information is safe because Handshake listings are not editable, meaning that no other agent can alter the listing information that you originally entered. If you are the listing agent and you edit or remove the listing, it will automatically update on all Handshake sites.

How do I block individual listings?
Sometimes you may want to block an individual Handshake listing, rather than all the listings of a certain member, because it does not work with your niche or has too few listing pictures for your taste. No problem. Click here for easy directions. Want to keep one of your listings all to yourself while sharing the rest? You can do that, too.

I don’t have any listings – can I particpate in Handshake?
No. Because Handshake is a reciprocal advertising tool, you must have at least one active listing to participate.

If you have more questions about Point2 Agent Handshake, or simply want to do a little more reading, consult the Handshake section in our online User Manual.

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    The reason I limit handshake is to keep my website from being bogged down with thousands of listings. It can take wat too long for a prospective purchaser to navigate the site if thousands of listings are blended into your own.

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    Great tool as I love handshaking. The challenge I have is some REALTORS® in my area (Edmonton) don’t handshake with me (for some reason) OR haven’t reciprocated the handshake. I really want to increase exposure of my listings & want these handshakes completed I wish there was an option for us to send to the other REALTORS® asking them to complete the handshake process. As of this today, I have 27 other REALTORS® pending their approval. That means they don’t want to handshake or don’t know how or even why. Perhaps Point2 can send a system wide reminder in the “Notifications” as you login to remind people to complete their handshakes. Only option I have is to go to each agent’s website (I have 27 to do) & email/phone them to complete the handshaking process. This is time consuming & has marginal results. My experience is the other REALTOR® is unaware of the mutual benefits of handshaking or “my assistant does all my internet stuff”. Hope my blog comment makes Point2 handshaking more efficient.

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      Thanks for the great idea, Mike. We’ll be sure to look into it for the future.