8 Time-Saving Tools To Accelerate Your Business

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One of the common laments of the digital age is that computers haven’t lived up to their promise. Instead of helping us work faster or more efficiently they have instead bogged us down with new distractions or tasks. Just think, how many times have you checked your email today alone.

But don’t fret, although technology may be a double-edged sword for productivity, there are still lots of great tools out there to help you work smarter and faster. Here is a list of 8 awesome single-purpose apps I’ve discovered over the years to help you accelerate different parts of your business – so instead of being bodged down with filler tasks you can get to work on what you really want to do!


1) DropMocksQuickly share listing photos online
Ever needed to quickly share photos online? It can be a real pain if you and the recipient aren’t Facebook friends. Thankfully DropMocks making it a breeze to share photos quickly and elegantly. Just drag & drop the photos you want into the browser window and you will receive a unique URL to share.


2) BurnerCreate and share disposable phone numbers
Even though it is expected that real estate pros should give their number away to anyone that wants it, in practice there are some instances where you might not want to. Burner makes it simple to protect your privacy by lets users to obtain temporary, disposable numbers for voice and SMS communication. Fast, safe, and private.


3) RetronatorDiscover the best time to post to your social media channels
Imagine it: you are itching to post your latest listing on Twitter, but you want to make sure it gets the maximum exposure possible. What times during the day are prospects actually checking their social media accounts? Retronator takes the guess work out of social media by presenting time display correlated with link activity and traffic peaks on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, so you will know exactly when you will draw eyeballs.


4) RecordMP3Instantly create and save voice-recordings
Ever needed to record an audio track for a virtual tour? Then you probably know the pain of having to download proprietary software or work with finicky microphones. RecordMP3 eliminates all these headaches by providing a simple one-button approach to audio recording – just click the record button, get the audio you need, and save it for use anywhere else.


5) ReadlistsCompile & share webapges as downloadable ebooks
Sharing a bunch of links is so 1995. Use Readlists to craft beautiful online collections that can be viewed by your recipients on almost any  device – from their Kindles, to tablets, or smartphones. A great idea is for Buyer’s Agents to use it to showcase different properties.


6) It’s AlmostGenerate a unique countdown timer for any event
Ten minutes until quittin’ time. Two hours until that important conference call. We are constantly setting little countdowns for ourselves in day-to-day business. Make those countdowns easier to manage with this intuitive app. Just enter what the countdown is for and how long it will be, then sit back and watch the seconds roll by! Bonus: when your countdown finally ends, use Go Live! Button


7) CheckThisInstantly create simple landing pages
Need to create a webpage for your listing, open house or new service but just don’t have the time? Use CheckThis to make a stunning landing page in five minutes flat. Just add a title, some pictures, a call to action and you’re set. Once live you can edit the page to your heart’s content. I have personally used it as a substitute for Facebook events and it works like a breeze!


8) DispostableInstantly generate a disposable email to reduce inbox spam
Probably my favorite tool on the entire web. Sometimes you giveaway your email online and just know you are going to get spam as a result. Using Dispostable you can sign up for things / give your email away without ever having to worry about the spammy consequences.


Have other productivity-boosting online tools that are a staple in your workflow? Be sure to add them in the comments below!

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    Not mentioned but Burner is for iOS only. I use Android so no good for us. Otherwise, great post!


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      Hey Mike,

      Good point. I guess I just assume that everyone and their dog has an iOS device at this point 😉
      Anyways, if you are looking for a good alternative to Burner, check out http://www.babble.ly