The Google Penguin Update – Everything Real Estate Pros Need to Know

By now you’ve no doubt heard the buzz: Google has made a rather significant algorithm change – referred to as the “Penguin” update, and as such, a lot …

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By now you’ve no doubt heard the buzz: Google has made a rather significant algorithm change – referred to as the “Penguin” update, and as such, a lot of people are seeing changes in their site traffic.

First, to put your mind at ease – every time Google does a major algorithm change, traffic seems to drop, but eventually levels out again.  However, that does not mean you can just sit idly by and not make any proactive changes.  The world of SEO is ever-changing, and occasional adjustments are necessary to keep your website ranking high.  Just think of it as professional development for your website!

Here at Point2, we have some changes planned to help reduce your risk of site penalization.  However, there are still some additional things that you can do, and some tips to keep in mind.

This article was written a few months ago (right after the update), and has some relevant tips and suggestions.  I’ve summarized some key points below, but be sure to read the full article for some additional tips.

“De-Optimize” your site

An old SEO tactic was keyword stuffing, which is exactly what it sounds like: stuffing as many relevant keywords into your content, titles, and meta fields as possible.  This has become a big no-no.  It’s been recommended that your pages should be optimized for 3-5 keywords, at the most.  Any more and your site may be penalized.

Also bad is reciprocal linking, or for that matter, any other type of link scheme.   Long lists of links should be avoided (or if they are absolutely necessary, set with a “nofollow” attribute).  Links work best in context (i.e. relevant content).  Links to and from your website should be, in a word, natural.  To quote the source article: “a quality link is voluntary in nature and is provided naturally (or organically) to your site from relevant pages”.   And finally, make sure that any link anchor text is not being used as a keyword breeding ground – it too should be natural.

Write fresh, relevant content

This, in a nutshell, is what SEO is all about.  Is your content organic, and more importantly, is it fresh and relevant?  When you do searches, how often do blogs (or videos for that matter) appear on the first page?  This is not a coincidence.  Blogs naturally perform well because they are updated often with fresh content, detailing exactly what the user’s query pertained to.  This applies to your website if you make sure to update it frequently with new content that keeps people coming back.

Promote via social media channels

The more social elements you add to your website, the better.  For example Google+ is more than just a social media channel, it was designed to help people recommend content.

To summarize:

Update your website regularly with fresh, relevant content.  If you put links on your site, make sure that they are natural, and not just there in an attempt to increase page rank.  Don’t stuff your site full of keywords.  And don’t discount social media – it’s quickly becoming one of the most powerful avenues of website promotion out there.

That’s it!  If you need any help with making changes to your Point2 website, make sure to give our fabulous Customer Care team a call.  They can be reached at 866-977-1777 or via email at customercare [at] point2 [dot] com.

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    Even my website has gone down, my website was in 1 st page but now it is in 3rd page. what technique should i use?

  2.    Reply

    Thanks for referring my article. Really appreciate it. Link Disavow is now the best solution, which was first named as Link Pruning b =y Bruce Clay. Now this created the need for another thing. How do you evaluate quality of links for disavow? :-)

  3.    Reply

    I too was hit hard…. # 1 or 2 for years in my local market…now 2nd page , just read this so I have removed all my reciprocal links.

  4.    Reply

    Mine was hit too, but now it has resurfaced to the earlier pages, but of-course google is placing Larger Portals and Wesbites first and then placing my website for some keywords. Just try to reduce the Page Load ( size in kb) and remove all outbound links in the resources, if you have to make sure it is a no-follow link, this may help.

  5.    Reply

    Almost everyone on the point2 system must have been blasted because none of the local sites found on Google for the past 7 years, are there anymore! Both our sites disappeared from Google and it had nothing to do with our content. Now we are addressing it by doing a 301 redirect. It appears to be working for now but it will be a long process.

  6.    Reply

    Tony, is that because your site was optimized under the old SEO mojo and now you need to change it up, or what?

    1.    Reply

      I just made a quick neutral search for Tampa Bay real estate and tampa real estate… but nothing on the first line. What did the pinguin update for you?

      My site was and is continuesly updated according the latest legal methods.
      Lucky i had another website which also ranked very high so business continues in that way but the point2 website in fact is now useless…

  7.    Reply

    Believe it or not the Penguin update actually helped my Tampa Real Estate site increase its ranking!

  8.    Reply

    Its strange that they put this article… Many, many websites from point2 went down in placement like crazy… Mine as well.
    I and other specialists investigated my website and came to the conclusion that point 2 is the problem…

    I went from the first website, around 4-5 to page 15-17 !!!