Point2 2011 Q4 Report: Where Are International Buyers Looking For Property?

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A few months ago, we posted our first U.S. International Real Estate Traffic report, for Q3 2011.  International buyers seem to persistently make up a solid part of online browsing for the U.S. market.  So here are the follow-on report topline stats, for the fourth quarter of 2011.

Florida, Arizona and Nevada were once again top traffic destinations for international buyers.  Florida attracted 31.04% of all international traffic to the U.S, while Arizona increased it’s share from 15.15% in Q3 to 19.44%.  Nevada maintained its 3rd place spot with an 8.61% share of traffic.

Canadian traffic was once again the highest source for online visits, with 93.58% going to Arizona, 78.28% to Hawaii and 74.11% to Michigan.

Las Vegas retained it’s top spot on the report’s overall ‘top 20’ cities searched, with a share of 14.53% of all search traffic, and holding on to 90% of all the international traffic recorded for the state of Nevada.

But that’s not all!  To read the FULL report, make sure to download it here.

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