4 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your IDX Search

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Every Realtor® wants more leads, but may not know how to get more leads.  When people are shopping for homes, what do they want to see? You got it, listings, lots and lots of listings. IDX gives you the ability to showcase all of the MLS listings on your site. Since people want to see listings, they don’t mind being required to register to view listings, which means a win for you (a lead) and a win for your client (the chance to see lots of listings).

Here are a few tips that can help drive traffic to your IDX search:

1.  Direct all visitors to the IDX search.

People have a short attention span, especially online; they want to see listings right away. Put your IDX search on every page, or make sure every page has a link to the IDX page. The most important place for your IDX search to be is your home page, to ensure it is the first thing your clients see.

2. Use other online tools to direct people to the IDX search.

Use your drip email campaigns to advertise that you have an IDX search (make sure there is a link). Tweet it, Facebook it, and blog about it – whatever you do, just make sure it reaches as much of your intended audience as possible. You differentiate yourself from your competitors by having an easily accessible IDX search.

3.  Utilize the Quick Search Option (URL Builder).

Give your clients the ability to search for homes quickly. For example give them pre-made search criteria, “Ocean Front Properties”, “Properties between 125,000-175,000”, “Foreclosures”. Engage the visitor by giving them a quick option, and then they will want to keep using it.

4.  Include a Call to Action to register and give them reasons to do so.

Include a list of benefits as to why someone would want to register for your IDX. For example:

  • All of your searches are automatically saved, and you can go back and review them later!
  • You can add any property to your favorites so you can quickly find it later.
  • Receive VIP status when you register, including market snapshots, and listing notifiers, etc.


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    Can you colaina what is idx and how to set IT up?

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    I am interested in driving traffic to my website, so I may obtain more website leads.