2 Short Weeks, One Big Deal (Held Over Until Feb 4th)

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Update Monday, Jan 31st: This promotion has been held over!! But, for only a few more days! Cash in on Point2 IDX with NO Setup Fee only until Friday, February 4th!

Starting today we’re waiving the set-up fee on ANY Point2 IDX package. What’s the catch, you ask?  There’s only two short weeks to scratch the set up fee! (Regularly $199 and $399*)

We’ve talked about IDX a lot over the past few months, and exactly how it can benefit you.  But just in case you’re new here, here’s a refresher:

Between now and January 31st Friday, Feb 4th ONLY – when you sign up for Point2 IDX use the appropriate promo code below, and you’ll automatically save the set up fee.  Or, simply give us a call at 1-888-277-9779.

*Existing MLS/IDX rules and restrictions apply.

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    Hi Tanis. I was wondering if you could help me answer a technical question.

    I’m looking for a IDX solution that is search-engine-friendly and NOT a iframe. Is Point2 IDX a iframe, or is it going to be physical content on my site. Is there a demo us agents can try or see live? thanks for your help.

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      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for your question. I definitely understand your concern for boosting your SEO content. You are correct in that the IDX solution is framed content.

      Framed content is not the ideal for everyone – but there are ways to boost your search engine ‘friendliness’ even with framed content. I recommend doing a quick Google search for more on this. I might also add that this IDX solution is integrated with your account so that all leads can be managed easily.

      This particular IDX solution may not be for you, but if you do want to know more, I have provided a few links to videos below.

      Here’s an overview: http://www.point2homes.com/agent-websites/products/point2agent/features/IDX.asp

      Also, Martha Dudley (from Got IDX) has some great overview/demo videos on her website:

      If you do have any questions, we’d be happy to speak with you too – 1-888-277-9779.

      Hopefully I’ve answered some of your questions. Have a great day Nicholas 🙂

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    is the fee for on IDX per site. what is the fee for having your IDX on another site ??

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      @Alex – The set-up fee is regularly $199 for Agents and $399 for Brokers. Until Feb 4th, we are waiving that cost.

      Point2 IDX is $29.99/mo for Agents and $59.99/mo for Brokers. If you go with Point2 IDX + Maptracks it’s $59.98/mo for Agents and $109.98/mo for Brokers.

      Depending on your MLS/Association, they may have a fee of their own – but all MLS/Associations vary. There are no extra fees incurred by Point2 for having IDX on additional websites – but again, your MLS/Association might, so it would be best to check with them first.

      I might also add that there is NO contract at all – which means you can cancel at any time if you find it is not working for you.

      I hope this information helps!

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