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One of the greatest icons of childhood is the playground.  Some of our fondest childhood memories likely happened at the school playground.

My fondest memory at a playground was from Grade 1.  I got stuck on top of the monkey bars after being dared to climb to the very top, then realized I couldn’t find a way back down.  It wasn’t the getting stuck I remember with fondness, it is of the playground supervisor who came and helped me get down.  Thank you so much Mrs. Gibson, you basically saved my life back then.

So when a co-worker informed me of a local school here in Saskatoon working hard to raise funds to build a new playground I knew I had to share it with our readers.

Let me tell you about it.

Prince Phillip School, in the neighborhood of Nutana Park, needs new playground equipment.  This is one of the only schools in the city with old wooden playground equipment, which is slowly deteriorating.

Why do they need a new playground?

Aside from making children happy, the Prince Phillip School would like to ensure their playground is wheelchair accessible and also includes equipment that is sensory stimulating for children with Autism.

Prince Phillip School has Junior and Intermediate Autism Support Programs which assist children who are diagnosed with Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder and who are unable to function in a mainstream classroom.

Having playground equipment that is safe and accessible for all children at the school is a priority and a cause we most definitely want to support – and I am sure they would love the support of all our Canadian readers to help with this cause.

Due to lack of funding in the budgets for a new playground, the school has had to turn to fundraising efforts to make this playground a reality.  So far the school has attempted to raise their own funds to help with the building of the new playground.  With all our help, this could become a reality even sooner.

Playground equipment does not come cheap and the school is trying to raise $140,000 for this project.  They’ve already raised $36,000.

In order to help with this cause, they’ve submitted their fundraising efforts to the Pepsi Refresh Everything project in order to receive a $25,000 injection towards the new playground.

The Pepsi Refresh Everything project is a vote-based system whereby people can vote on submitted projects they think should receive the funding.  There are different funding brackets.  In the $25,000 bracket, the top 2 projects with the highest votes by October 31 will receive funding.

So far, thanks to the tremendous community support and some local media attention they’re now in 2nd place.  We want to see them secure their position in 2nd place, or even move into 1st place, and we’re confident they can do that with your support.

How can you help?  You can vote for the Prince Phillip School playground project on Pepsi’s Refresh Everything site here.  You’re able to vote once per day until October 31.

(Please note, only Canadians can vote, but comments and well-wishes on their Pepsi page are still appreciated if you’re not Canadian!)

You’ll need to create an account the first time you vote, and that takes just a few quick seconds.

So come on fellow Canadians.  Let’s take the lead from the Prince Phillip School motto ‘Do Your Best’ and do our best to support this cause and help Prince Phillip School get their playground!

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    A big thank you for supporting Prince Philip School’s Playground initiative!!