5 Ways Blogging Is Like Bran: Keeps You Regular

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Believe me.  You want to be regular.  It’s a good thing – for you, and for everyone else.

Why should you blog regularly?  Tips for staying regular on your blog.

Blogging is good practice.  The more you blog the easier it becomes to put your words down in some sensible way and hit the Publish button.  So, obviously, the less you blog the more difficult it can be to work up the courage to put down what you want to say in words, feel confident about it, and actually put it out there for people to see.

So for your own sake, blogging on a regular basis benefits you.

It also benefits your readers.  While you don’t want ‘information overload’ you want your readers to consider you the authority on the real estate market in your area.  If you post frequently, you’ll be showing that you know your industry, you know your area, and you know your stuff.  Good for them, and really really good for you.

How frequent is ‘frequent’?  Well, that depends a lot on your time and your readers’ time.

Your time.  You want to write a quality post that makes sense, and hopefully without tons of spelling mistakes.  So if you don’t have time to write a post and give it a proper once over, then it’s probably not ready to post today.  Generally, posting once every couple days is acceptable.

Your readers’ time.  If you post infrequently, your readers will forget about you.  If you post too much, you’ll overload them and they might not be able to keep up.  Consider that your blog is probably not the only blog that people are reading.  Make sure your valuable information doesn’t get wasted because you’re sending out too much.

For a look at both sides of the coin,

Read This:

Why do you want people to come back?  Why is blog traffic important?

Ummm, really?  Do we honestly have to answer this?

Any blogger (in any industry) wants readers.  Ultimately, in the case of the real estate industry, the hope is that readers of your real estate blog will become familiar with you, feel comfortable with you, feel confident in your abilities, and when the time comes for them to require the services of a real estate professional, you’ll be the one they contact.

That’s why you want people to read your blog.  That’s why you want that traffic.

So now what?

1) Don’t try to write an essay each time you sit down to blog.  Try to keep things short and sweet.  (OK, ok I know I am guilty of breaking this rule myself.)

If you’ve got a lot to say and it works to split it up over a series of posts, give that a try.  Using serial posts will help attract repeat visitors to your blog, as well.

Read This:

2) Stay current and relevant.  Talk about things that are happening right now which would affect your readers.  Have the mortgage rates climbed or dropped?  Is the city rezoning certain areas?  Has there been a recent property tax hike?

Pretty basic, right?

3) Make sure you reply to comments … engage the readers.  Regular interchange with your commenters will help build loyal readers.

Not getting any comments on your blog?

Read This:

I strongly encourage you all to click-through to the Read This links I’ve suggested.  The people writing those tips and suggestions are blog geniuses and know their stuff.  I have learned (and continue to learn) so much from reading what they write.

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