The iPad for Real Estate – A Collection

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The Apple iPad has been available in Canada now for a couple months and no doubt, as was in the US, many real estate professionals are looking at the various options to see if it will work well for their business needs.

In fact, since the iPad was released in the US back in April, there has been a lot written about using this device for real estate.  So, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and write about it here.  Instead, I’ve created a collection of links to some of these articles, tips, tricks, and lists of apps that might be able to help you put the iPad to good use in your real estate business.

There are probably many more blog posts and articles about using the iPad for real estate that I have missed, so feel free to share any that you’ve come across by adding the links in the comments below.

I know that I’ve learned a lot about the Apple iPad from these other real estate specific experts.  Where before I had my doubts about the iPad being useful for business, after actually seeing and playing with an iPad I can definitely see the potential for use in real estate.   (Also, it’s great for playing games!)

I haven’t personally spoken to any real estate agents using an iPad, so I’d love to hear your feedback about how you’re using your iPad for your business.  What Apps are you using?  What do you find works great?  What doesn’t?

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    Thanks for the links to my iPad videos. Really is an awesome device to search for homes on!

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    Thanks for this. Here’s a video I made about writing contracts on an iPad. Tricky but possible: