Celebrating the Successes…in Anticipation of More

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As 2009 draws to a close, a number of you may be working on your 2010 planning in an effort to prepare for the upcoming year.  As part of that plan, a retrospective of the current year is essential, not only to ascertain what will continue to benefit you and your business, but also to highlight the particular successes that 2009 held.

All too often we get so caught up in the planning and decision-making for the future that we fail to turn around and see the work that has been done, the strides that have been made, and the distance that has been travelled. Look back on your year and highlight the following:

  • What is something you learned about your business this year that provided an “aha!” moment?
  • What is something you learned about yourself this year that surprised you?
  • If you could pinpoint three key business successes this year, what would they be?
    • How did they affect your business?
    • Who was involved?
    • What did that mean to the business?
    • What did that mean to you?
    • Did you celebrate each success when it occurred?
    • Did you thank or congratulate the person or persons who helped make that success happen?
  • Now, answer the questions from the previous point for your three personal successes of 2009.

Building on that success, consider the upcoming year:

  • How do 2009’s successes feed into successes that you want to experience in 2010?
  • What will success look like in 2010?
  • What will success sound like? Feel like?
  • Who will be instrumental to achieving this business and personal success?
  • How will you thank them?
  • How will you celebrate these successes?

If you take away anything from this exercise, this should be it: if you celebrate a success, it will create the emotions and desire to achieve more success.

Here’s wishing you a successul, celebratory 2010. Happy Holidays!

~ Tanya Spilchak, Education Coordinator

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