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Experience immediate results with Featured Listing and Agent Ads on Point2 Homes

  • More exposure – Ads are displayed at the top of local search results
  • More leads – Leads go directly to you, not to your competitors
  • More brand authority – Gain recognition as neighborhood expert in
    targeted areas. Final result? More new clients in the shortest time!

To buy Featured Ads you need to subscribe for Point2 Agent, a complete set of online marketing solutions for REALTORS®.

$10 per Featured Ad/month

$25 per Featured Ad/month

with a free Point2 Agent trial

Up to 5 free Featured Ads/month

with a premium Point2 Agent plan

How to get priority placement for you and your listings in 3 simple steps

1. Sign up for your chosen Point2Agent plan

If you already have a Point2 Homes account, use the same information to log in on Point2.

After logging in, you can find the Featured Ads section visibly displayed up front and on the right sidebar.

2. Feature Your Listings

Once you signed in to your Point2 Agent account, click on the Feature Your Listings button in your Online Office and start advertising in your preferred area immediately.

  • Do you already have listings added to your account? Simply select the listings, then one or more areas where you want to advertise them. Click to checkout and check your email for the invoice.
  • No listings added yet? You can go through the process in no time! Click Add a Listing, complete the information required in the next form and then click Save. Once you have added a property, follow the steps for featuring an existing listing.

Feature a Listing Now

3. Feature Yourself

Be one step ahead of your competition by having your profile and contact information prominently displayed in front of thousands of home buyers and sellers in your area. Sign in to your Point 2 Agent account and follow these quick steps from your Online Office. Your ad will be displayed in no time.

  • Click on the Feature Yourself button
  • Use the map to select one or more areas where you would like to feature your agent profile
  • Click the Checkout button at the bottom of the page and check your email for the invoice.

Feature Yourself Now

You can always manage your featured ads and monitor their performance from the boxes at the top of your Online Office home page!

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